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ATAR-300 is a medical high-frequency hyperthermia system to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells and necrotize tumor tissues by increasing the tumor and near tissue temperature over 42℃ with applying 13.56 MHz high frequency. This therapy is based on the theory that the impedance (flow resistance) of cancer cell from RF generator is lower than normal cell and it can give more damage to cancer cells by increasing the ambient temperature of the cancer cells in the same condition.
-  High energy transferring efficiency to the body core
   · Apply amplitude modulation technique
     → Transfer high frequency energy to body core
     → Avoid any burn on the skin and skin layer of fat and transferring maximum energy to body core
   · Minimize energy absorption on the skin layer of fat
     → Maximize energy transferring to the body core

- Concentrate the energy on tumor cell
Treatment Effects
- Make stopping the repair process of the cancer cell by providing steady targeted energy
- Maximize treatment effects with radiotherapy and chemotherapy
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