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We would change the words ‘Hard’, ‘Difficult’ to ‘Easy’, ‘Enjoyable’.

From ancient times people called the disease which was not treated by heat as an incurable disease.
According to new apparatus which are controlling outside temperature, temperature control system of
human body that keeps regular body temperature are destroying and related disease are rampant.
It is very critical to recognize the best ways to treat cancer are to cut cancer cell off or make the patient
takes poisonous medicinesor be exposed to radiation.
It is also ironical to treat the disease which is got according to lowering immune power by taking a way to aggravate immune power.
Human body temperature is a close connection with immune power.
If it is possible to treat the disease by heat, there will not have any side effect and to be able to avoid second attack of disease.

We, Hyper Healthcare Co., Ltd., would give help to the people who is threatened by disease in uncertain
medical environment with hyperthermia technique.

Lake Baikal in our logo means conception of many lives was started from this big fresh water lake.
Our people also were originated from this Baikal Lake.
We can see the life from deep and blue Baikal Lake.
We are trying to enhance the quality of human life with the safest way.
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Hyper Healthcare Co., Ltd.     Address: 2nd Floor, 501 Anyang-ro, Seoksu-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang City, Gyeonggi-do 13968, Korea
TEL : 031-8018-5511     FAX : 031-8018-5512